Road Conditions

UPDATED 5/09/14

Baja Norte

-The entrance to the SENTRI lane in San Ysidro was changed in March 2014. Traffic is now being routed along Padre Kino Blvd to access the lanes. See our post for maps and detailed information.

-Via Internacional in Tijuana is now reopened along the border to San Ysidro in both directions. For directions to the San Ysidro border crossing taking Via Internactional please see

-At the San Ysidro border crossing, northbound lanes 11-18 will be closed for final canopy construction until June. Drivers will still be able to use other available lanes. The construction and partial lanes closures will continue into fall 2014. For more updates about the border project, see

-The toll road from La Misión to Ensenada is closed due to a road collapse around Salsipuedes. On December 19th an earthquake hit just south of Ensenada and after a few days of fractures and sinking, the road collapsed on Saturday, December 28th 2013. Traffic is being rerouted onto the two-lane free road from La Fonda to the San Miguel toll booth just north of Ensenada. Although the free road is in great condition and usually takes the same amount of time as the toll road, the two-lane road is windy and steep in some areas with no shoulder. Trucks are now being rerouted through Tecate so you shouldn’t have to deal with large semi trucks on the road. There are new guardrails being installed along the road but please have patience, take your time and don’t drive in the dark. The toll road is expected to be reopen by the fall. For photos and directions of the detour, see

-The vado just south of Mision Cataviña is quite deep and full of water.  Drive through cautiously. The ever-present potholes south of Cataviña are still there.

-The highway around San Vicente is being replaced.  Most has been finished and is in great shape but there are still a couple stretches of dirt which have not been completely paved.

-There are a couple detours around bridges under construction around Santo Tomas.

-The road is now paved all the way to Gonzaga Bay and two miles south of Gonzaga.

Baja Sur

-The four-lane bypass from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos is open. They are still widening and strengthening the overpass in certain areas so be prepared for some delays. The old southern road out of Todos Santos is closed for now.

-The road from San Ignacio to San Ignacio Lagoon is now paved halfway.

-They are doing work along Mex 1 between Loreto and Tripui causing delays up to 45 minutes to 1 hour.


PEMEX Prices

Northern Baja:
Magna: $3.72/gal
Premium: $3.91/gal
Diesel: $3.83/gal

Southern Baja:
Magna: $3.90/gal
Premium: $3.98/gal
Diesel: $3.93/gal




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